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The Fort Worth Association of Realtist® was chartered in 1958 by a group of African American Real Estate Professionals committed to promoting democracy in housing. This group of Real Estate Professionals was united to the cause of its national chartered organization, known as the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, whose mission was to serve the "un-served and the under-served" populations.

For over 57 years, the local chapter has engaged in meaningful relationships throughout Fort Worth and Tarrant County, being some of the first real estate practitioners to assist minorities in becoming homeowners. This group served at the forefront  of "Fair Housing" as housing integration took shape in Fort Worth, allowing people of color to live in areas where they were once excluded.

Today, the local chapter continues the legacy to protect the right for fair housing through its professionals who service the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area, in virtually every aspect of Real Estate.

The Fort Worth Association of Realtist® was chartered as the Fort Worth Association of Real Estate Brokers, a local chapter of the National Association

of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. At the time the chapter was charted, the following professionals have been recorded as members and officers:

                                        Mr. T.M. Shadowens, President
                                        Mr.  L. R. Whaley, Vice President
                                        Mrs.  Vivian Wells, Secretary
                                        Attorney L. Clifford Davis, Legal Counsel
                                        Mr.  & Mrs. George and Ethyl Bonner
                                        Mrs.  Juiel Gaskin
                                        Mrs.  Helen Hines
                                        Mr.  Freddie Jenkins
                                        Mr.  & Mrs. W. A. and Henri Miles
                                        Mr.  H. T. Mitchell
                                        Mr.  Eric Montgomery
                                        Mrs.  Juanita Roberson
                                        Mrs.  Ora Lee Thomas
                                        Mrs.  Helen Thompson

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MRS. J. J. GRAYSON, Charter Member

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